• Whether you are a self-identified self-taught artist, raised in a cultural or Indigenous community, or you are a highly trained arts practitioner...

  • Whether you are a hobbyist who wants to take the next step, a recent fine art graduate, an artist collective, or an experienced professional artist…

  • Whether you work exclusively in the visual arts or combine multidisciplinary art forms; whether you are a traditionalist or have a highly experimental practice…

  • Or, whether you are a professionally trained artist, no longer working in the arts, but who wishes to retain a professional profile…

Artsource offers you a flexible range of membership categories, fees and services to suit your personal needs. More >


Individuals, businesses and organisations in an allied or related field or with a professional interest in the visual arts, are welcome to connect with us as Associates.  Artsource offers:

  • opportunities to network
  • a range of services
  • information and advice to help you with your work and
  • individual or business rates, and payment options to suit the service offered
An ideal way for architects, developers, curators, interior designers, consultants, galleries, arts organisations, teachers, and local governments to keep in contact and benefit from all that Artsource has to offer. More >