Board Advisory Panel

The Board Advisory Panel is an initiative proposed and run by a group of members, led by Louise Dickmann, to help facilitate communication between members and the Board.

As a general principle, please be assured that your Board remains open to any member, or group of members, providing ideas and constructive feedback directly to the Board, or our team, at any time. The advisory panel doesn’t change this, however, the Board has agreed that this approach is worth trialing and have agreed that we should do so for twelve months.

Louise Dickmann has informed us that the panel will comprise: Rick Vermey, Clare Peake, Kingsley Burton, David Attwood and Trevor Richards. In their words …

“The Artsource Artist Member Advisory Panel has been established to support the elected artist representatives on the Artsource Board. The Panel consists of six artist members of diverse experience and backgrounds, with an aim to represent the membership as widely as possible. Participants on this Panel seek to act as conduits between the broad community of the artist membership and the elected Board members. Panel members will encourage the input/feedback of artist members regarding their professional needs, interests and concerns. The Panel intends to garner, compile and articulate this information directly to the elected Board, so that board members can represent and advocate for them as effectively as possible. The objective of the Panel is to cultivate a transparent communication process for the benefit of Artsource the organisation, and the Artsource community of artist members. Panel members welcome all Artsource artist members to contact them to discuss any matters of professional interest, need or concern so that the Panel can represent the interests and needs of the membership.”