Allery Sandy at Yinjaa-Barni Art Centre, Roebourne, Western Australia.Artsource Folio Project

The Folio Project is our ambitious strategic initiative to address the need for more quality writing about visual artists living and working in Western Australia today.
We are delighted that Rio Tinto has agreed to take the significant step of sponsoring the first book in a series of quality publications focused on contemporary WA artists.

Entitled Aboriginal Artists of Western Australia, our first book builds on our work together since 2008 and will include essays and profiles of up to 30 artists from across WA. In addition to the book, we will be offering specific professional development activities aimed at supporting Indigenous artists in the Pilbara.

  • Rio Tinto General Manager Communities, Ben Laidlaw said, “We are pleased to support Artsource through our partnership and are delighted that the world-renowned excellence of WA’s Indigenous artists will be captured in this essential publication, both to showcase their work and to place them firmly in the written history of art in our time.

We thank Rio Tinto for their ongoing support, not only for Artsource, but also for the broader arts and cultural community in Western Australia.
In addition, Artsource is delighted to be partnering with UWA Publishing, a leading WA publisher fostering local writing that explores Western Australian and Australian identity.

  • Professor Terri-ann White, Director UWA Publishing comments, “UWA Publishing is thrilled to be partnering with Artsource to produce books about Western Australian artists and their practice. The formal, published record of Western Australian artists has been erratic with years passing without the production of the lasting documents that books are. As well as a lasting record, such books are a magnificent calling card for individual artists and the organisations that support them. It is a thrill to consider reinstating this discipline of respectful coverage of one of our most precious resources—living, working artists—and we enter this project with great gusto.

For further information about Aboriginal Artists of Western Australia, please contact Marketing Officer, Sue-Lyn Aldrian, at or 08 9335 8366.