Roger Swainston


Roger Swainston is an Australian painter. Naturalist and Zoologist since 1981, he is one of the most recognized artists of the underwater world. 1982 work at Museum of WA Ichtyhyology Dept 1983 first fish guide book 'Sea Fishes of Southern Australia.' Over the next 15 years he took part in scientific projects from surveying the ocean depths of North Australia to the rainforests and coral reef of Papua New Guinea and illustrates Fishes of North Western Australia, Sharks and Rays of Australia and much more. 1995 underwater painting of the Red Sea - Yemen 1999 a painting 7.2m x 1.5m panel of life in a coral reef as Public Art Project for a primary School Over the past 35 years he has created some 6000 illustrations of fish and marine life, drawn underwater and painted coral reefs all over the world. He is the author of Swainston's Fishes of Australia book.

Artist Statement

What drives my fascination with fishes? a Longtom shimmering in crystal clear waters could be a pure distillation of light, water and colour. The diversity of fishes is endlessly intriquing and every colour imaginable can be found in their beauty.