Andrew Christie


Growing up as a son of a Woodworker and a teacher and studying as an artist has formed my practice - when I look back it's apparent why I've become the artist that I am. I like to make things, show people how to make things and bang on about art history. I predominantly make things out of wood and craft materials and there is often an interactive or ritualistic element to them. I want people to engage with the pieces and to use them in hope of connecting with me personally or possibly with a shared history I think most people have had similar feelings or life experiences. It's a way to understand why I've been drawn to making certain things. The work has become visual and emotional hindsight and is now starting to head towards creating experiences that I want to explore that will broaden me as an artist and a person and engage with an audience in a deeper manner than just looking.,

Artist Statement

I am an Australian artist whose practice explores the different ways that objects can inhabit and contribute to personal space and experience.