Jae Criddle


Jae Criddle is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer born and based in Perth. Graduating from Curtin University in 2003, she studied a Bachelor of Arts (Design) majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. Her naive, figurative drawings and paintings carry curious scenes. Since building and running a reputable and unique practice designing handcrafted signage, creating custom illustration and painting mural artwork, her interest has shifted toward fine arts. In the last few years she launched her first two solo shows ‘Wholly Hokum’ held at Daphne and ‘Flung Far’ at Polite Studio.

Artist Statement

Through paintings, etchings and scultpure, I have explored themes of human interaction. Yearning and bewildered characters scramble through the artwork, chasing god, glory and each other. The land’s grip on us, despite our disregard for it, is a strong theme throughout my work.