Board Nominees


Board Roles

Artsource board are seeking nominations for co-opted board positions.



  • Deputy Chair
  • Secretary
  • General Board Member

Committee positions available – applicants will need to nominate for a committee

  • Risk, Audit and Finance Committee
  • Governance and Remuneration Committee


We are looking for candidates who have combinations of the following characteristics


  • Persons who are willing and able to commit time and energy to actively contribute and take on roles and responsibilities within the board.


  • A high profile and respected individual with connections to the Arts.


  • The person either represents (is from) a marginal or sub-group or has strong connections to the sub-group through work or relationships (ATSI, CaLD, Disability, Youth, Regional/Remote).
  • An individual with expertise in implementing diversity practice(s) including a Reconciliation Action Plan within an organisation.


  • Finance
  • IT (database, web, LMS, systems)
  • Property
  • Project management (particularly related to the OCH renewal and refurbishment)
  • Legal (particularly property, HR / IR)
  • Health (OHS, wellbeing)
  • Communications / Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Corporate governance, Not-For-Profit sector
  • Has connections /skills in dealing with the corporate sector and developing sponsorship agreements

Visual Arts:

  • Visual arts / visual arts background/ or visual arts organisational experience

Connections / Networks:

  • Local government (Fremantle or other LGA’s)
  • Department for Local Government Sport & Cultural Industries – Culture and the Arts
  • Other agencies (art orgs)
  • Corporate connections (for sponsors)
  • Allied or sympathetic industries (health, design industries, other creative industries)

More Info

  • Current Board Size: 4-7
  • Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly or Bi Monthly as required
  • Board Meetings Held: At night / Online
  • Area of Expertise Being Sought: 
    Advocacy / Government Relations, Business Development / Social Enterprise, Fundraising, Human Resources, Impact Evaluation, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Law & Legal Services, Marketing / Branding, Media / Communications / Public Relations
  • Board Meetings (Mode): Face-to-face, Online/Dial-in
  • Targeting: Females or Males, Non Binary, People with Disabilities, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, English as an additional language or dialect, LGBTQI
  • Payment: Nil – Honorary role
  • Term: Initially 2 year term