Jeremy + Helen Kirwan-Ward's studio. Photographer: Christophe CanatoPersonal Accident Insurance for Professional Artists

This policy, introduced in 2016, provides professional artists (MAX Members) with income replacement if they are injured and cannot work in their practice due to that injury. The level of cover is designed to provide time to overcome serious injury while being offered at a reasonable cost.

The income provided will be based on the weekly average of the past two years’ earnings and will cover 100% of lost income up to $1,000 per week for one year.

The maximum benefit period (starting at the time of injury and subject to the waiting period) is:

  • 52 weeks for artists aged up to 70 years
  • 26 weeks for artists aged 70 years up to 80 years

Waiting periods for cover are:

  • For accidental injury: 7 days
  • For a sporting injury: 28 days

The policy includes Accidental Death and Capital Benefits (lump sum payments) of up to $50,000 and Funeral Benefits (Accidental Death only) of $10,000*. Please note that Artsource is neither the insurer or the insurance broker.

  • Policy Document

    For further information about the insurance cover, please download the policy document, product disclosure statement and summary of terms:


  No benefits are payable where injury;

  • is deliberately self-inflicted or intentionally caused by the Insured Person;
  • is caused by the Insured Person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • results from a criminal act committed by the Insured Person or a beneficiary of their benefits under this insurance;
  • occurs as a result of war or warlike operations, terrorism or revolution;
  • occurs as a result of the use, existence or escape of nuclear weapons material or ionising radiation from or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel;
  • results from engaging in air travel or aerial activities except as a passenger in a properly licensed aircraft;
  • results from engaging in, taking part, or training for sports as a professional (where the majority of the person's income is derived directly or indirectly from the sport);
  • is a sexually transmitted disease , A.I.D.S or H.I.V infection;
  • results in any condition such as neurosis, psycho-neurosis, psychosis, chronic fatigue, mental, emotional, stress, depression or anxiety condition disease or disorder or any condition which is a consequence of the treatment of these conditions;
  • is attributable to childbirth or pregnancy or the complications of these;
  • is a Pre-Existing Condition;
  • results from Sickness (as defined in the policy wording);
  • Weekly benefits will be reduced by any other benefits or compensation the Insured person is entitled to receive or entitled to claim for lost income from any other source as a result of the same condition.