_DSC6066-(1).jpgFour studios are offered to artists in the Haig Park Foundation Housing accommodation complex in East Perth.

Current Resident Artists

The current artists in the Haig Park studios are Elizabeth Ottey, Luci Foresi, Miranda Green and Marzena Topka.



It is with great sadness that we will no longer be offering new studio spaces throughout the Perth metro area. Our emerging and established studio artists become part of a tight-knit community, and they inspire us with the trajectories that having a dedicated work space provides their careers as an artist.

We will be seeing out the current terms of our existing leases and assisting studio artists to transition to leasing directly or to find new facilities in 2020.

If you have benefited from an Artsource studio in the past, or would like to have one in future, please CLICK HERE to let us know. We would like to contact you in future to help inform the implementation of new strategies for our services. 

For more information on Artsource in 2020, CLICK HERE >