Date published: 22/08/2019

Artsource Artists Susan Roux and Ginnette Hillman are busy preparing works for our latest Artlease project. They tell us about their individual practice and what the Artlease program means to them.

Artists, Susan Roux and Ginette Hillman have been selected to participate in an ArtLease project for a client's office on St Georges Terrace, Perth. The client had a very specific brief in mind when updating their existing art lease. With a mural project by Ian Mutch, currently awaiting approval by council, the three works needed to create a sense of symmetry and dialogue that was cohesive but specific to their individual environments. Mutch’s 55 metre mural has been designed to be viewed from multiple viewpoints. At street level Mutch’s proposed mural features a Spinebill bird and it is this bird's colouring that Hillman’s painting, Dark Matter (2019) draws on and acts as a conduit by connecting the exterior mural to the inside. Her work also creates an interesting dynamic with Roux’s wall mounted sculptural work, Veil (2019), that explores the concept of mark making and the female body.

Susan Roux

Susan Roux's (SR) practice analyses and responds to the cultural legacies of colonialism.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?
SR - My work critiques and responds to cultural, political and social change regarding gender and body politics. The vulnerability of the human body specifically the female body, is tactile territory. I start my process with large scale paper where I mark the paper with handmade tools. The tools become an extension of body, so I mark myself and others. I prefer to make my own material. I make cloth from paper. Although, it’s not cloth, it’s not paper, its almost something else. It has a sense of frailness and vulnerability. I’m exploring what paper can be. I like the weight, the touch and the feel of paper. It was a certain sense of simplicity to its original form. It’s a humble material to work with. I transform it, to say something. It makes you think.

As this is your first ArtLease project how have you found the process?
SR - I found it to be streamlined and not stressful at all. Leah Robbie organised it so well and being the mediator between the two parties is great. Artist need programs like Artlease to make these projects happen. Also, being able to talk with the installer, Pablo Hughes, gave me confidence and reassurance knowing I’m working with someone experienced. I know, I’m supported. I think the installation is going to be very exciting because I don’t know how the work is going to transform until I’m there. As this is my first project where I’m installing and creating the work on site. Pablo has helped with understanding what will be needed on the day. I have a list of things to take with me, which was very helpful and important. Great dynamic of curator, artist and installer and then client.

What interested you most about working on this ArtLease project?
SR – What interested me about this project was the space and the way the work is going to be viewed. It’s a great opportunity for people to see our work that normally wouldn’t. The work itself the, Veil (2019) is about a women’s socially constructed veil – I’m referencing Helen Cixous and Jacques Derrida’s ‘Veil’ and ‘Sail’. It’s a corporate space, so it’s a great environment to raise discussions around gender politics. I hope it will create some interesting discussions.

Ginette Hillman

Ginette Hillman (GH) is an emerging artist with a history in performing arts, music and dance. Hillman views her varying practices as symbiotic.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?
GH - My practice developed organically on its own. I noticed my approach has a deep resonance with that of Steiner’s colour work. I have integrated many aspects of Steiner’s teaching into my artistic process along with poetry, speech, acting, movement, eurythmy and music. I spend a lot of time immersing myself in nature too, it’s quite a meditative experience and this influences my painting deeply. My preparation is in stillness, and my painting is like a wild dance.
I begin with an intention, energetic or something that I am feeling, like lightness for instance. I notice which colours are resonating for me in that moment and create a vision board with pictures that create a resonance. This preparation really helps me to set up a painting. Then I ground the painting, setting up the colours and preparing the canvas. I put on some music and then let go, completely free whilst in full immersion with the paint itself. Whatever wants to show up in the painting, shows up, it is very abstract however your eyes can wonder and find all sorts of beings and stories. It is kind of a magical process, I really have to listen and allow it to flow, or my mind can get in the way. 

You’ve been involved with ArtLease before, how did this project differ from other projects you’ve been involved in?
GH - Rather than leasing an existing artwork, Leah Robbie, and I wanted to create a piece specifically for the lobby on St Georges Terrace, that spoke with the other two artworks being developed for the site. We decided on the colour palette from a previous work of mine, which was closely related to the mural outside. 

What interested you most about working on this ArtLease project?
GH – Large artworks in an architectural space is a dream job. Doing this project inspired me to expand on my current painting practice. I have recently expanded my studio and I am working on a new body of work as a result of this.


Interested in having your work listed with ArtLease?

ArtLease is a service available to current Artsource members. Artists benefit by receiving income while the work is still for sale and gain exposure by having their work represented in collections of prominent organisations. For more information please CLICK HERE.

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