Date published: 22/08/2019

In 2017 Brad Rimmer was awarded in the Artsource and Atelier Mondial residency in Basel Switzerland where he documented the Alps and natural landscapes.

Don't Look Down is a photobook of works created during this residency, exhibited in Old Customs House in 2018. Limited edition signed copies of the book are now available to Artsource members HERE.

"From ancient times to the present, the Alps have had mythological, spiritual and romantic significance. Recognisable peaks, like the Matterhorn, have become trademarks for chocolate companies and the like; their rugged profiles filtering into our everyday lives, even in places far away. Over the past century, advances in engineering have made access to viewing platforms easy in the Alps, and now thousands of tourists line up to photograph these scenic vistas every day. For his series Don’t Look Down, Rimmer sought to alter these views, and thereby question the experience of what we already know in our collective memories. By deliberately inverting the image into an unnatural colour palette, the landscapes become foreign and unsettling."

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