Britta Sorensen


Britta Sorensen is a 4th generation tri-cultural Artist. Scandinavian aesthetics. German clarity and the Australian environment strongly permeate her work. From a young age Britta showed an interest in traditional women's crafts and learned many techniques that today form the basis of her artwork. She also has a passion for communication and the way people relate to each other and to nature. Deeply concerned about the world's ever-growing addiction to consumer goods, she made it her mission to work with recycled, reinvented and found materials. Everything she uses to make her objects and interactive installations has had a previous life, a story that adds layers of depth and shadow to her work. Her aim is to make the viewer see, explore, experience, feel and interact in ways that open up new possibilities.

Solo Exhibitions

Margaret River Region Open Studios

Interactive, experiential installation 'touched'



a photo-book documentation of 'touched', the interactive experiential installation for Margaret River Region Open Studios 2018, available from the artist or at the next Open Studios

Artist Statement

I am Britta. I love the way hands can weave and work a story. Life is creative, we never quite know where it will take us. - But we need each other to give it meaning. I am fascinated with process - exploring, sharing, affecting. In my interactive, experiential installations I work with the found, the used, the discarded, seeking new perspectives.