Tom Freeman in his Artsource Fremantle Studio, 2015. Photographer: Christophe CanatoArtists’ Studio Provision:
A New Vision for Western Australia

We are pleased to present Artists’ Studio Provision – A New Vision for Western Australia. This Artsource report is the most comprehensive and insightful research that has been undertaken regarding the delivery of studio spaces for visual artists in Western Australia. Further, it provides Artsource with the roadmap for developing the long-term strategy and action plan for studios in our state.
In 2014 and with the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts, Jon Finch from Black Radley Consulting led a series of focus groups with Artsource members, along with discussions involving key stakeholders. This enabled a clear picture of artists’ need in relation to working spaces. Jon also looked nationally and internationally to understand how other leading organisations provide and manage studios. He then worked with our Studios and Residencies Manager, Loretta Martella, in the development of the report and recommendations.
While some of the key findings in the report may not come as a surprise to our members, they nonetheless underline that the provision of artists’ studios is an ongoing and fundamental need for professional practitioners.
The research clearly shows that artists’ need for a studio is essential to a professional arts practice, regardless of medium or career stage. It also shows that artists highly value the Artsource studios program.
The report gives the Artsource Board the opportunity to develop and deliver a long-term strategy to provide affordable spaces with secure tenure to a wide range of professional artist members. Indeed, the provision of suitable and affordable studios for professional visual artists is now one of the Board’s five key strategies.
We will continue to consult with our members to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this vital area for artists and I look forward to updating you on the exciting developments in the future.
Dr Miik Green
August 2015