Barb Green



Barb Green grew up in the colourful back suburbs of Fremantle, Western Australia in the 1960s and 70s. In 1977 she won a scholarship to study art as a focus subject. She has painted and created constantly since then concentrating on the use of acrylics and gouache. Barb’s artwork is design and colour focused. Her acrylic artwork tends toward a contemporary version of the Fauvist style of painting championed by Cezanne in the very early 1900s when the ‘Modern Art’ era is purported to have begun. Gouache paintings contain strong shape elements and vivid colours. Barb’s paintings are inspired by the places she has visited in Australia, and by her love of the coast and sea. She has a professional background in marine science and education. When not painting and creating she works as a curator of exhibi

Group Exhibitions

City of Rockingham Up-Cycle Art Project Exhibition

As curator I am putting together a collective exhibition of primary and secondary schools involved in the sculptural up-cycling of discarded materials.

Summer Tide

This exhibition was held at Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle in March. It included work from myself and four others. The artwork was coastal and marine focused and included paintings and sculptures.


This ticketed event celebrated the art of ten women, including myself, involved in the Clinkers Art Club.


This exhibition showcased the diverse work of printmakers working from the Rockingham Arts Centre.


I constructed a sculptural piece called 'Fishing Jetty' from discarded objects. The sculpture was 99.9% up-cycled materials.


SALT - People's Choice Award

My wood block print - Mangrove Fossils - was selected as the most popular work in the exhibition.

Artist Statement

Australian artist depicting the Australian coast, sea and landscape in vivid colour.