Artsource is the peak membership body for visual artists in Western Australia. Our vision is of a world in which culture and the arts are valued as vital and where visual artists flourish.

Artsource is centred on the visual artists of Western Australia. These artists represent many different perspectives, but we all share a deep commitment to art and a strong belief in the contribution artists make to the world.

Our Strategic Business Plan (2016 to 2018) is available here (PDF).



Our purpose is to engage with and support Western Australian visual artists with practical, affordable and relevant services. We also work with partners delivering and supporting initiatives that lead the way in creating the environment where art is valued and artists can flourish.

Our values

  • Artists are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our belief in artists and the contribution they make to the world is absolute.
  • We listen, so that our actions are researched, planned and evaluated.
  • We lead by understanding the evolving collective needs of artists.
  • Quality, affordability and relevance are key traits of the services we offer.
  • Acknowledging our various audiences, we communicate appropriately with each.
  • Partnerships with others help us to do more. We don't always have to go it alone.
  • We work to bring new audiences and participants to artists and their work.
  • Our company and its finances are properly and efficiently managed.
  • We operate ethically and openly.

Goals + Strategies

Our vision is a world in which culture and the arts are valued as vital and where visual arts flourish. To move us towards this vision, we have three goals:

  • Be a driving force in opening up opportunities for artists by providing practical, relevant and affordable services that directly support professional practice.
  • Be actively engaged with the developing audiences and markets for art, helping to foster a fertile environment that allows artists to flourish.
  • Be a well-run, self-determining and sustainable business, working in partnership with others to achieve our goals.

We address our goals with five strategies:

  • Support professional visual artists directly by providing relevant, practical and affordable services.
  • Provide suitable and affordable studios for professional visual artists.
  • Contribute to market and audience development helping to foster an environment where art is valued and artists flourish.
  • Focus on issues of collective importance to artists and work constructively to influence and achieve positive change.
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement in respect of governance, policy and businesses processes.


Our members are at the heart of our work and our services are designed to:

  • support artist members directly and / or
  • contribute to fostering a fertile environment for their success.


At heart, Artsource is a membership organisation. Members pay an annual fee of $110, $210 or $310, depending on the level of service they require. Fees are low and we aim to provide exceptional value for money. We give free one-year ACCESS membership to WA visual arts graduates. More >


Providing affordable space in which artists can work is of fundamental importance. We charge affordable rents ($50 to $90 per week) and, ideally, we aim to provide tenure for five years. We have over 80 studios located across the metropolitan area in six buildings, with the Old Customs House in Fremantle being our flagship, office and spiritual home. More >


Each year we support members with the opportunity for residencies. We also host artists in our Fremantle studio apartment, making the space available for visiting regional, national and international artists. We keep members informed about other residency opportunities through our partnerships with organisations around the world. More >


Artsource Consulting secures quality work opportunities for artists. It is one of the core services we offer to provide practical career-building support for PLUS and MAX members. We help artists deal with the business aspects of commissions and public art processes and assist the corporate sector to find artists and/or artwork. More >

This work covers a broad range of activity and can include:

  • public art projects with budgets from $25,000 to $500,000;
  • private art commissions;
  • running professional development workshops;
  • curatorial, adjudication, or other professional opportunities;
  • contributing to the development of public policy;
  • leasing or purchasing artwork.

When working with business, we develop projects with both artistic integrity and proper remuneration for artists. A vital part of this work is to promote and be an advocate for quality processes and practices that are fair to artists.

Indigenous + Regional Development

Our Regional + Indigenous work focuses on increasing professional opportunities for artists living in regional Western Australia and Indigenous artists throughout the State. The work includes:

  • support for artists to take up commissions and job opportunities;
  • delivery of professional development workshops and seminars; and
  • introducing artists to professional expertise, institutions and industry networks.

We have a long running partnership with Rio Tinto to provide services and support for Indigenous and other artists based in the Pilbara. This project is funded entirely by Rio Tinto with the current partnership running to June 2016. More >

Communications and Publications

  • The Artsource Gallery: Database and online gallery of West Australian art and artists. More >
  • Online Magazine: Artist profiles, comment, analysis and debate for members. More >
  • Website: Brochure site featuring our work, news and information.
  • ArtLines member ezine: news, information, opportunities and member exhibitions.
  • ArtLeads member ezine: paid work opportunities.
  • ArtConnect ezine for Associates, commissioners, art buyers, etc.
  • ArtLights ezine for our sponsors, patrons and donors.
  • Subject to funding, we are embarking on an ambitious new publishing initiative called the Folio Project. More >
  • Social media, including our Facebook page, promoting members, events, news, etc.

Professional Development and Events

We deliver a range of networking and professional development events, aimed predominantly at artists:

  • ‘6 x 6’ artist talks, where six artists members talk about their work for six minutes.
  • Practical industry sessions: new technologies, new materials, funding information.
  • Business development: issues such as legal, insurance, wills, taxation, copyright, philanthropy.
  • Practice development: for example, photographing your work, marketing, media, promotion, curatorial.

To support the professional development of emerging artists we will, subject to sponsorship, run the Ignite initiative (currently sponsored by BHP Billiton). We also run events with our donors and patrons to broaden and deepen their engagement with our members, their work and the visual arts.


We focus on issues of importance to artists and work constructively and with purpose to influence and achieve positive change. Everything we do could be considered advocacy. So, when we speak of advocacy in this context, it is specifically about Artsource speaking up in the sense of lobbying, or campaigning, for the benefit of artists collectively.

Artsource Patrons and Sponsors

Our patrons make a fundamental difference to our work. They support Artsource by making a regular annual, or monthly, donation (tax deductible), which we use to benefit artists and the visual arts in Western Australia.

  • Folio Patrons: $5,000 anually. More >
  • Platinum Patrons: $1,000 annually or $80 / month. More >
  • Gold Patrons: $625 annually or $50 / month. More >
  • Silver Patrons: $375 annually or $30 / month. More >
  • Young Patrons: $250 annually or $25 / month. More >
Artsource has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status meaning that donations over $2 are tax deductible.