Catherine Halligan-Jolly Halligan-Jolly (catherinecontrary)



I am Self Taught Artist and have no Formal Training.I have lately started on a Career as an Artist. II did organise to have two Solo exhibitions: Perth Fremantle in 2000, at the Fly By Night Club Melbourne Fitzroy in 2002,at The Fitzroy Gallery in Fitzroy . I joined Instagram 4 years ago as catherine contrary. I was contacted by CJ Mugavero , Gallery Owner, of Artful Deposit Gallery in Borden Town, New Jersey .USA She Asked to represent my work in her Gallery . I subsequently posted eighteen of my Paintings to her in New Jersey. I was part of her Artful Deposit Gala in 2017 at theBeautiful Inn at Fernbrook Farm. Since then I have also been represented by Soldier 58 also in Bordentowntown Represented from 2016 to present, Artful Deposit Gallery and Soldier 58 Gallery

Group Exhibitions

Artful Deposit Gala

Painting in Gala was sold " Lost in Gold "


Instagram: @catherinecontrary

Instagram @soldier58llc

Instagram: @artful_deposit

Artist Statement

I am Self Taught Expressionist Artist. I Paint on Canvas with Acrylics . My Style is Naive. I want , without hesitation ,to capture emotions and feelings on my Canvas. To grasp them and Express them in my Work . To record My Impressions of The World and Life that have deeply affected me or impacted upon me. To Move others as they moved me ...