Deanna Mosca



Deanna is a Bunbury based artist who has been working professionally for several years. After her graduate studies in Visual Arts, she has taken on roles completing murals for local government projects, arts tutor for community organisations and commissions for private collectors. She predominately works in acrylics and oils on drawn canvas, taking her medium into the canvas itself. Her work explores the human condition, the idea of self, through expressionist realism. Deanna also works with aerosols and acrylic inks, taking her themes on bigger scale walls and portraits and bold patterns. Her murals are scattered around Bunbury, and internationally. Deanna exhibits through the South West regularly and has shown around WA. She has taken solo exhibitions to Melbourne and continues her painting practice in Bunbury.

Artist Statement

Mosca examines the human condition through yearning, loss, despair and growth. this is a collection of works of mixed media in acrylics and oils, painted with a sense of minimalism and expressionism to echo the feelings of emptiness and fragility. The raw canvas becomes a medium itself in becoming drawn from the surface and peeling back the layers.