Jennifer Gaye Jervis



With a passion for innovation, conversation and creative thinking, my career spans over 25years of professional experience in both Art and Fashion, with awards and acknowledgements, including Designer of the year. I have been commissioned; by London International Art Consultants Peter Millard and Partners, Interface World Woven to launch their WA Collection, Wealth Management and Partners (WMP) for 16 of my Artworks, as well as many private commissions, artist-in-residencies, workshops, group exhibitions, mentoring, consulting, marketing, curating, project management, collaborating and out of the box thinking. I also spent over 5 years on The Banshu-Ori Textile project as Japanese consultant and agent, including project manager for the program’s exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 at the WA Museum and QV1; working and collaborating with WA's leading Textile designers, educators and graduates.

Artist Statement

Image, balance, colour, and passion, my art practice draws inspiration from reflecting worlds of nature’s lustrous cycles and their gentle touch on urbanity. Inspired by the ferocious beauty we aspire to concur, while taking in the calm. Observing movement, pattern and cycle, exploring the clash of ever changing colour, showcased in natures theatrical stage.