Lawry Halden



I've loved public art ever since I did my first piece at the age of 14 with a spray can I found in the garage. Graphic art training was a way out of school and also helped strengthen my skills and showed me different ways to apply my creativity. When a traveller, public art helped build the feel of a city for me, and a desire to make a connection with it. Seeing the artwork of the different ways cultures are able to adapt urban landscapes from within using art to connect with each other. Building on what I have seen, I paint with passion, knowing that there are always further unique ways to create and express ideas. I often work as Too Much Colour on large projects (comprising Dan Duggan, Darren Hutchens and myself).

Group Exhibitions


With fellow Tafe graduates at TOTM Gallery in Northbridge.


Aerosol art exhibition at Little Creatures in Fremantle.


Corridors College, 1 Semester.

Corridors College, 1 Semester.

Balcatta Senior High School, 1 Semester.

Balcatta Senior High School, 1 Semester.

Artist Statement

Good artwork allows us pause in our daily lives; for reflection, and for imagination to take hold. In public places it might be something to sit back and enjoy, or perhaps just a flash of colour glanced that uplifts the spirits of those passing by. By caring about the spaces we work in, I like to think this will be felt, in turn, by the viewer.