Artsource supports the  #freeisnotfair campaign by creative organisations advocating for Australian writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creators to receive fair payment for their work.

CLICK HERE to read the Australian Copyright Council Chair Kate Haddock weighing in on the Wikipedia Fair Use campaign in Australia.  
In May, Artsource member, Jo Darbyshire, represented visual artists in the Copyright Agency Insights event to raise awareness of the fair use proposal and the uncertainty of creating and publishing without the current protections.
Changes to Australian copyright laws are currently being pushed by the Productivity Commission, large organisations and big technology companies that will greatly diminish these protections.
The Copyright Council are bringing their National Seminar Series Understanding Copyright; Making it work for you to Perth on 14 and 15 August 2017.
Visual artists are encouraged to find out about their rights and options for rights management in Australia through Viscopy.

More information about the 'fair use' campaign can be found at:

Help to email your MP is available here: freeisnotfair.org/email-your-mp

Sign the open letter here: freeisnotfair.org/sign-the-open-letter