Old Customs House

The Old Customs House in Fremantle has been the heart of our operations since we were founded in 1986.  It is our spiritual home and the hub for our operation across Western Australia.

As well as housing our head office, this iconic heritage-listed building in the heart of Fremantle is also home to 25 visual artists in Artsource studios. From young and emerging graduates, and artists whose diverse practices include traditional genres to cross-art form collaborations, experimental or performance based work, to literature and music: the Old Customs House has been a hot house of talent.


Artsource Fremantle has provided artist studios with five-year tenure to over 200 artists since 1986.

The Atrium space on the ground floor has provided a unique exhibition space and events venue that has over the years, been home to Bizurcus, a Fremantle based circus school, it has been used for regular exhibitions by Artsource and other artists, hosted Festival Fringe events and live music.

In 2021, a new chapter begins for the Old Customs House and Artsource.

With an upcoming open Expression of Interest on the building tenure, Artsource board and staff have been working hard on developing a new approach and plan to the use of the Old Customs House. Artsource’s vision for the Old Customs House is:

KAYAKO-NAKASHIMA_31-OCT_HIGH-RES_010_DWright.jpgAn environment that both supports, nurtures and cultivates the arts particularly the visual arts, but that also invites and welcomes the community to engage, appreciate and participate in the arts and arts activities.

An environment that is fully utilised and realized in terms of economic and commercial opportunity that contributes to not only the viability of the organisation but also to assisting artists to become more economically self-sufficient.

Commercial aspects will provide opportunity to balance programmes that support artists, particularly artists who are more disadvantaged such as young and emerging graduates and artists from regional and remote areas.

This will be achieved by the reconfiguration of spaces, refurbishment and re-purposing of areas to create new possibilities.

Stay tuned for more updates on this plan early in 2021.


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