Hiroshi Kobayashi in his Artsource Fremantle Studio, 2018. Photographer: Elli GemmoArtists need studio space in which to work, develop ideas, create art, develop their practice and build their careers.

Artsource helps artists by securing affordable working spaces across the metropolitan area. We see this as a fundamentally important way to help develop visual artists and their practices in Western Australia.

We currently run six buildings housing over 80 studios.  These give artists, at various stage of their careers, a range of high-quality, affordable and professionally-managed spaces from which to work.

Applications Open


Located in the heritage-listed Old Customs House, the Artsource Fremantle studios are offered on five-year tenure to professional, practising, visual artists.


Current Vacancies

Available from end January 2020


Size (square metres)

Price per calendar month (inc GST)

Fremantle Studio 11

12.8 sqm



Our studios located across Perth offer short and long term leases, with artists of all creative disciplines and career stages encouraged to apply.


Current Vacancies


Size (square metres)

Price per calendar month (inc GST)

Highgate Studio 4 
19.7 sqm
Rosemount Studio 7
6 sqm

O'Connor Studio 4

15 sqm


Midland Studio 8

12 sqm


Midland Studio 1

20 sqm


Midland Studio 10/10a

26.5 sqm


Midland Studio 12a



Midland Studio 17

30 sqm


Midland Studio 19

9 sqm


Midland Studio 3

20 sqm


Midland Studio 4a




Contact Us 

For further inquiries please contact studios@artsource.net.au

Studio vacancies are notified to members through our monthly artLines newsletter, website and social media, so keep your membership current for regular updates.


IMAGE TOP RIGHT: Hiroshi Kobayashi in his Artsource Fremantle studio, 2018. Photographer: Elli Gemmo