Robert C Hitchcock


Born in Western Australia of Irish and Indigenous heritage. A practising sculptor since graduating from Art College in his early 20s, majoring in sculpture. He has been commissioned both publicly and privately to create over 15 large sculptures which are in the public domain throughout WA. These sculptures are mainly cast in bronze and represent parts of the history of WA. Robert’s works are held in many private collections both nationally and internationally, and they include portrait busts of the famous and the infamous. His training and experience enable him to undertake works in many different styles and materials, but he is best known for his beautiful interpretations of the human and animal form.

Artist Statement

Living my life with only partial vision has given me a different perspective of life, allowing sculpture to be the new language for me. Beauty expresses itself in all forms through sculpture. It is a vehicle for me to translate ideas and emotions of clients. Whatever the commission, sculpture allows me to leave lasting monuments for future generations.