Tony Jones, Angela McHarrie and Ben Jones, Imaginarium, 2015. Ronald McDonald House.

Annual General Meeting

The Chair and Board of Artsource welcomed Artsource Members and staff to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 May 2017.

Board Nominations

There were four board positions open for member nomination in 2017. We received four vaild nominations, meaning there was no requirement for an election and each nominee joined the board immediately following the AGM.

We are delighted that Rick Vermey, Claire Bushby, Sarah Wilkinson and Kingsley Burton have joined the Board for a two-year term. Information about all our currrent Board is here >

Here is more information about serving on the Artsource Board. It may also be helpful to read the Australia Council’s publication On Board: Serving on the Board of an Arts Organisation.

2016 Annual Report

  • The 2016 Annual Report is available to read here >
  • Annual Reports from 2007 are available to read here >