Date published: 5/08/2015

Located in the laneway between the Perth Technical College and the West Australian Trustees Building, High Light (2015), gently floats above the viewer like an ethereal celestial body. Commissioned as part of Winter Lights at Brookfield Place, Tom Mùller’s suspended light-based art work generates an atmosphere of awe and wonder, drawing passers-by into the space.

Comprised of six aluminium extrusions with embedded LED lighting, each programmed to ignite at various time, creating a subtle, though intriguing light show. This added kinetic layer creates a sense of expectation that gradually intensifies as the viewer draws nearer to the work. His chosen palette of warm pastel hues bathed the space in a soft glow, providing the viewer with a diverse spatial colour experience.
Titled High Light (pun intended), the work initially inspires the viewer to look up and take notice. With time the work begins to unfold and respond to its surroundings, by visually defining the brightest point in the space the work literally highlights the site and allows the viewer to deepen their sense of space and site in a given location. In this respect the work compliments and augments its immediate surrounds.
Tom Mùller is a Perth-based artist with a diverse practice that encompasses public art, design and new-media. His practice and methodologies share an interest in how art can interface with society in dynamic and ever-expanding ways and be socially responsive as well as responsible. With an applied interest in placing traditional art techniques in a contemporary context, as well as using computer aided design to push both art, as well as applications of fabrication technologies, into unexpected new realms, exploring new materials, he continuously strives to pioneer new ways to use traditional materials. ‘An astute observer, subtle activist and deeply humane artist, Mùller posits far-reaching analytical links and associations between the seemingly distinct but invariably interconnected elements that together comprise the architecture of our world.’ (Melissa Keys, Big Picture Artist, Tom Mùller, Rhythms in Chaos, Big City Press, 2010)

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Project details:

  • Artist: Tom Mùller

  • Client: Brookfield Property Partners

  • Project Location: Brookfield Place, 123-137 St Georges Terrace, Perth

  • Art Consultant: Perdita Phillips

  • Year completed: 2015

  • Budget: $12,000

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