Artsource Old Customs House, High Visions exhibition opening, 2018. Photographer: Christophe Canato.What's On: Artsource Old Customs House

Artsource has been housed in Old Customs House since 1986. Throughout our thirty year history in our flagship building, we have provided services extending to our many artist members and associates to support the practice of professional artists and provide work and development  opportunities through Western Australia.

In 2018, we have the opportunity to showcase exhibitions in our light-filled atrium space on the ground floor, providing new impetus for artists and the public to engage with arts in Fremantle's West End.

  • LOCATION: 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle WA 6160. Opposite the Fremantle CAT bus stop 2/18. 


Alexander Tandy

False Alarm by Alex Tandy is open from 23 March to 8 April 2018 at Artsource Old Customs House, on Wednesday to Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm. His solo exhibition is an array of "considered mess" from spending time on site to work with a variety of media he calls "ways, feelings, sights and sounds". Artsource members are invited to the opening night from 6pm to 8pm Friday 23 March, see more details below. Alex will also be giving an artist talk and performance at 5pm Sunday 8 April 2018. 


Everything all at once.
Everything is everywhere.
Every minute, In every direction are decisions, doings, choices.
Happening all at once.
All types of possible considered consequences.
Like a hand basin that is constantly filling to the brim and emptying,
All at the same time,
Staying at the same level. 

by Alexander Tandy


Opening event sponsors

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HIGH VISIONS features new work by George Howlett (AUS), Zora Kreuzer (GER) and Joshua Webb (AUS). Known for their many experiments with light, colour and geometric form, these artists are linked by the use of natural, fluoro, neon or custom LED lighting within their sculptural installations. Each uses one or more of these materials to create various abstracted fields of light and colour. Responding directly to the site of Old Customs House, Howlett, Kreuzer and Webb have devised several new works that make inventive use of the many unique features of expansive ground floor space in this heritage building. Supported by Artsource.

  • EXHIBITION DATES: 12 January to 11 February 2018.

High Visions at Artsource Old Customs House 2018. Photographer: Christophe Canato

Image: (left) Joshua Webb, Solaris 2, 2018. (top) Zora Kruezer, Skylight, 2018. (right) George Howlett, Power Ballads Spotify Playlist, 2018. High Visions exhibition at Artsource Old Customs House. Photographer: Christophe Canato. 

Artsource Talks: If less is more, how are you keeping score?

Join us as visiting artist Jochen Kitzbihler discusses his environmental sculptural works. 
Artsource welcomes back the 2013 Basel Residency exchange artist, who is back in Fremantle for several months, retracing footsteps and connections from his previous time with us. Celebrating the long standing artist exchange between Artsource in Fremantle and Atelier Mondial in Switzerland, this talk gives Artsource members the chance to hear about Jochen’s fascinating art practice, as he moves between gallery and public art making throughout his career.
As an original stone sculptor Jochen moved between a transdisciplinary field, either in exhibition work/Installations as also environmental public art work. In his talk he will show an overview of his constantly work development of 22 years from early stone sculptures to conceptual Imageworks and Installations in brilliant documentary material. 

  • DATE/TIME: 6pm Thursday 8 February 2018
  • COST: Free entry
Jochen Kitzbihler, If less is more how are you keeping score?, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jochen Kitzbihler, ABSENCE, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artsource Talks: Global City Residency artist reflection

Join 2017 Global City Residency Basel recipient, Brad Rimmer, in a discussion about his six week residency in Basel Switzerland. Read Brad's Residency Reflection, Don't look down, in the Artsource Magazine >

  • COST: Free entry
Brad Rimmer, Rhone Glacier 2, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

Brad Rimmer, Rhone Glacier, Don't look down, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.