Bob Gibson, Warlutu, 2018. Tjarlili ArtRawa Titungarala

Continuing from a long time ago

8 June to 31 July 2020

Rawa Titungarala (Tih too nara lah) tells of the resilient nature of the artists, elders and younger generations of Ngaanyatjarra artists.

This presentation is a collective showcase by Tjarlirli Art, Papulankutja Artists and Warakurna Artists from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia, curated by Madeleine van der List.

The art and design works demonstrate wild mappings depicted in paintings, personified representations in inks converted to street-wear and the imaginative play of youth giving contemporary context of concerns and beliefs.

Each artist brings their own expression and perspective of stories which are shared among families across the desert determined by birth place and journeying. Wildly brushed works, the wavering of drawn lines contrasted with the finesse of light strokes and bursts of colour are typical marks distinguishing the boldness of desert artists comparatively to art of other regions – a quality recognisable across the Aboriginal art industry.

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Presentations include an online exhibition, video Q&A’s, artist panels, an auction and market place.

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