Danka Scholtz von Lorenz


At the start of my professional career in WA I was employed by a prestigious graphic design studio, Turner Graphics. Several years later I opened my own design studio. During that time, I was also teaching design and illustration at Curtin and provided individual tutoring services to students. My clients included Bond Corporation, a number of mining companies, wineries, local and state breweries, the Liberal Party of Australia. WASO, WAB, Bunnings, Tourism Commission WA and Watsonia. In the last fifteen years I worked on public and private art commissions. I also designed and facilitated community based projects. Many of my artworks have been purchased by private art collectors while my public art projects can be displayed throughout Perth's metro area, the South-West and the wheatbelt.

Artist Statement

I am a versatile, award-winning fine and commercial artist. My profile covers a diverse range of expressions: fine arts, graphic design, illustration, glass, sculpture and mosaics. I am interested in developing unique conceptual ideas that are best suited to support the project's content.