Phoebe Duff


Phoebe Duff was born in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1988. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fashion and Textile Design) at Curtin University and became a Visual Arts specialist teacher after completing a Diploma of Education through Monash University. Phoebe lives in Albany, Western Australia with her husband and son. Phoebe works independently at her studio. She prefers to photograph her subjects in their natural setting and then use a variety of mediums to achieve a likeness on archival paper. She builds detail into each piece, whilst keeping the background clean and free of extraneous distraction. She enjoys the way that Ritchelly Oliviera employs elements of realism, whilst also emphasising that the work is made by hand. The botanical photography of Irving Penn also influences her composition.

Artist Statement

I work in pencil, charcoal, pen + ink and watercolour. My interest in documentation has led me to decontextualize objects and reframe them onto a clean background to highlight the subject’s unique beauty. The negative space and detail draws and focuses a viewer’s eye. I hope to inspire people to appreciate the details in their surroundings.