Frances Sullivan-Rhodes


I am artist and academic, teaching at Curtin University, Department of Art in Western Australia and Curtin College. I have been lecturing and tutoring at Curtin University for 11.5 years and also have extensive experience of teaching vocational courses in art practice and history and theory at Kidogo Arthouse and Fremantle Arts Centre. My practice spans painting, photography and installation. I have exhibited in England, Eire and Australia. I am currently pursuing Doctoral studies with a particular interest in the emergent field of Migratory Aesthetics and in place, memory and the uncanny in landscape. I reside near the Peel Inlet with my two children and my husband.

Artist Statement

My work uses plants and portraiture and domestic decoration in conjunction with landscape painting as a way to interrogate ideas of migrancy and place through stitch and paint, disrupting assumptions about craft and painting and their loaded histories as gendered practices, interrogating the interference of memory in the apprehension of Australian landscape.