le Crayon Marion


Marion Le Crayon is a Fremantle artist with a French background. After her 2D animation studies in the French art School Ecole Pivaut as well as some work in animation studios, she decided to work as a freelance artist , researching more creative freedom. Caricature drawing has been a big part of her work for many years until now, skills that she wants to deepen and make personal. She has worked at the Fremantle Markets for a year in 2017. She is now working on commissioned works and personal projects from her studio at the Fibonacci Art Centre in Fremantle. A children's book and a series of portraits of inspirational people [to be sold through her online shop] is going to be released in 2019.

Artist Statement

Fascinated by the human nature, behaviour and attitude, I have been working around this topic for many years. Caricatures have been a great medium to express the character and essence of people. I am currently working on a series of portraits of inspirational people, researching even more freedom of interpretation and letting go.