Jillian Grimbeek


Jillian Grimbeek has won local and national awards and been represented in a book and art magazines internationally and nationally as a Master Painter of Australia. Her works are in hospitals, schools and local government collections in WA and in private collections Overseas and throughout Australia. She has completed 94 commissions, some public, had a sellout solo exhibition and participated in over 30 group exhibitions, many by Invitation Only. She has also had gallery representation in Perth and the Southwest of WA., and was one of 6 artists whose work featured on invitations to promote the launch of 'Artsource Online' in 2003. She continues to exhibit and sell her works.

Artist Statement

Jillian's passion is to evoke emotions, either subtle or dramatic through her art. Some of her paintings are known to have a peaceful and calming effect on their viewers, whilst others are struck by the intensity of tone or colour. Without being limited to particular subjects, she is always inspired by light in all it's nuances.