Nathan Hoyle


With a background in graphic design and street art, Nathan works with paint and mixed media. Nathan's work explores the significance of the process of painting and pattern making. He is interested in the way we apply paint to surfaces and use lines and shapes as symbols and signifiers both in visual art and in the suburban landscape. His work draws upon the aesthetics of crude road-marking and incidental marks as well as topographic patterns and tessellations found in the Australian landscape. Paint stains on driveways and vibrant clouds at sunset; our world is a visual compromise. It constantly offers comparison of the made and the found. These observations are a common starting point for Nathan’s work. Nathan has exhibited in Perth as well as regional Western Australia since 2015 and is active in his studio practice.

Solo Exhibitions

The Colours of Youth

Sugarman, Margaret River


HOT SOUP!, Fremantle

Artist Statement

The patterns, the shapes, the contour lines of the landscape and the colours within moments. What do they say to us, what is their story? I am interested in how painting can retell and reframe the visual and the emotional narrative found in ‘time’ and ‘place.’