Angela Rossen


In 1981 I graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with a Degree in Fine Arts: painting major, sculpture minor. In addition I was fortunate to spend a year in the Curtin Design School working with precious metals. I have maintained a studio practice since that time, exhibiting regularly and traveling to work in the landscape. In the last ten years I have worked with educational and community groups as well as government entities on community engagement in nature projects. I currently hold the position of Artist in Residence with the Oceans Institute at The University of Western Australia. In this capacity I work with animal and plant biologists whose work pertains to the ocean and waterways. My studio is at the Floreat site of CSIRO where the artistic opus of the residency in underway.

Solo Exhibitions

Artopia Open Studio Kwinana to the Kimberley

Studio exhibition open to the public over four weekends. Part of a metropolitan wide Artsource initiative.

Ellendale and the Central Kimberley

Commissioned paintings of the Kimberley from the Napier Ranges to the Windjana Gorge

Group Exhibitions

Geraldton Community Coastal Biodiversity Exhibition

The Western Australian Museum, Geraldton

Fremantle Ports Working Ships

Joint Artist in Residence at the Fremantle Ports with Susie Marwick. Exhibition at the Kidogo Art House Gallery


BCM Oceanica Ltd Above and Below the Water

Offshore Naval Architects The Swan Tug Boat

From the Earth for Faculty of Science UWA

Christmas Advent Calendar for St John of God Hospital Murdoch

Fremantle Ports MBC Passing the Heads


Ocean and Coast - a resource book for primary schools

A biology / art and resource book on coastal ecology for years 5 to 10

The Ocean is Full of Wonderful Things -

An introduction to near shore marine and coastal biota for early childhood


Artist in Residence Oceans Institute The University of Western Australia

Collaboration with animal and plant biologists at the Oceans Institute to create an opus of artworks and engage community and schools with research that is ongoing.

The Geraldton Community Coastal Biodiversity Project

A community project with schools, naturalist groups, conservation groups, Museum WA - Geraldton the City of Greater Geraldton and the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council.

Coastal Biota a Biodiversity Survey

An Art / Science workshop for year five students at St Stephens School Duncraig

Artist Statement

Nature, endlessly surprising in the beauty of her variation and complexity, is always the starting point for me. The ingenious structure of a seed or the form of a tiny plankton copepod under magnification fills me with wonder. Systems that support plant and animal communities like fringing reefs, rivers and woodlands are places I go to conceive an artwork.