The Palais
Vania Lawson, Into the Heavens.

  • Client: RiverStone
  • Role of Artsource: Art consultant
  • Artists: Susannah Castleden, David Giles, Kim Maple, Britt Salt
  • Outcome: Bespoke artwork for a high end display home
  • Artwork budget: $14,500
  • Completion date: December 2011

Interior Designer Emily Marshall, approached Artsource to provide a portfolio of artwork options for a showcase display home in Minim Cove, Mosman Park.  Artsource was able to provide a combination of leased works and a specially commissioned work to enhance the home and meet the client’s desire to inject a unique feel for their display home in an affordable way.

Jo Darvall, Sand Fire 1 and Sand Fire 2 (Image courtesy of Eva Fernandez)Britt Salt's striking 3D commissioned work  titled Double the Length Half the Distance is designed specifically for a niche in the entry of the home.  This work is fabricated from folded aluminium mesh and takes advantage of multiple viewing points provided by the second storey and stairs.  Four other large leased works complement this commission; these include two paintings by David Giles, one by Kim Maple and an elegant framed print by Susannah Castleden.