Alba Cinquini



I am a contemporary Western Australia artist who has been making art for over 30 years. I describe my work as decorative abstract expressionism. This can be seen in the use of bold colour, texture and mark-making to form large vibrant artworks. My art practice entails using mixed media including acrylic, oils, shellac and resins with lots of layering. My work is held in local city council collections as well as numerous corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas. 2010 Winner Local Artist, City of Swan 2005 Highly Commended,The York Society, York WA

Group Exhibitions

Connected Spirits

Alba Cinquini, Ann Storey, Anne-Maree Pelusey-Zentner, Carol Rowling, Coral Googh, Helen Driesen, Jenny Demarte Julie Calabrese, Julie Wilkinson, Kale Miller, Leah van Lieshout and Rosie Manning

Artist Statement

My work is strongly influenced by years of travel. The bright colours, strong patterns and ethereal images resonate of Asia. I can't help it, the influences of textiles and printmaking are all merged in paint, on canvas; on any surface I find interesting.