Toogarr Morrison in his studio at Artsource Fremantle. Photo: Eva FernandezRegional + Indigenous Development

Artsource was one of the first arts organisations to understand the need for Indigenous people to be involved in their own art future. In 2002, this prompted our Board to initiate the Artsource Regional and Indigenous Development Program.

“Western Australia just isn’t a small place. The myriad of arts practices across it would boggle your mind and what’s more amazing is that our artists and their stories would astound you, given the depth and breadth of their personal experiences and the places they’ve come from!” 

Membership + Indigenous Development Manager, Ron Bradfield Jnr.

Whilst our Regional and Indigenous Development Program was originally funded to address the needs of Indigenous artists across regional Western Australia, Artsource quickly realised that other regional artists were also having similar problems. 

Our first priority is to ensure that our services are relevant. We are always informed by a community voice: one that’s actually representative of that community. Whilst it’s fantastic to be able to bring skills and resources relevant to visual artists into regional WA, it is important to acknowledge the possibility that local people can develop local solutions for themselves. It’s no good bringing the hat if we have no peg to hang it on.

We hope that through our Regional and Indigenous Development Program, Artsource can pave the way for greater understandings in regional Western Australia that will allow joint projects between non-Indigenous and Indigenous artists, partners and commissioners.

Artsource operates in collaboration with others and we acknowledge, with thanks, the significant contribution made by Rio Tinto to this area of our work.


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