28 September 2021

Staffing Appointment and Resignation

Artistic Director, Peter Grant

The Board are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Artistic Director, Peter Grant. 

Peter's enthusiasm, charm, and wit has already had an effect on the staff and Board Directors of Artsource, and with his commencement this week has acquainted himself thoroughly with the business of Artsource, and what you - the members - want and do. 

Peter impressed the interview panel with his vision for Artsource, as supported by his considerable skills in long-term strategic planning and arts advocacy. Peter has had experience in undertaking applied research in the arts, welfare, and community development sectors. He has had strategic planning and management experience in business and the non-government sector, and a passionate engagement with social justice and collective community development through long-term involvement with mutual banking, community television and media, and the arts.

Grant's deep leadership and advocacy in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors demonstrates a breadth of experience, and an insight into the pressures placed on not-for-profit arts organisations in these difficult times.

Resignation - General Manager, Soraya Ramsey

It is with genuine regret that we must also announce that Soraya Ramsey, our General Manager, has submitted her resignation to the Board. Soraya will be sorely missed and all of the Board want to acknowledge and thank her for her support of our organisation, particularly over the last few months.

Always composed, Soraya has kept the place ticking over in a calm manner, often taking on the jobs of three people - juggling general operations, stakeholder management (including grants), and financial administration. 

It was a delight to meet Soraya when I joined the Board and have the opportunity to work with her over the last two months as acting Chair. Soraya is looking forward to spending much needed time with her family. 

We wish her well and hope to see her continue to engage with Artsource.

Peter will be working closely with the Board over the coming weeks whilst we seek a replacement for Soraya and new employment opportunities for the fulfilment of the funding requirements, including our RISE programming responsibilities.


Penny Coss
Acting Chair, Artsource