Ian Mutch, At the Drive In, 2020. City of Busselton. Photographer: Christian Fletcher.Our Vision

Creative connected change

To drive change by empowering creative artists to contribute to a dynamic, inclusive and connected society that values the visual arts, in Western Australia.

We envisage a changed society that:

  • recognises the intrinsic value of the arts, which enables us to explore our humanity and the links that bind us to one another, in profound ways.
  • supports artistic freedom to innovate and push boundaries, to provoke and imagine new ways of being, and to create exceptional artworks and experiences.
  • includes artists’ diverse practices, cultures, locations, and heritages, which helps us understand different perspectives and contribute to a cohesive, connected community.

Our Mission

Supporting artistic practice strengthens culture and community.

Our mission is to generate change by:

  • securing the resources and physical spaces; providing relevant practical services; and offering professional development that supports artists’ economic capability and physical and psychological well-being;
  • providing an inclusive arts community and network, that develops artist’s identities and independence, through critique, discourse and mentoring, to uphold high standards of artistic and professional practice;
  • promoting and recognising artists’ achievements, generating dialogue and discussion, which strengthen appreciation of visual arts and culture, and has a positive social impact on the lives of Western Australians;
  • creating initiatives and diverse professional opportunities, for artists to pursue their goals, advise, lead, teach, and collectively advocate for valuing the arts and developing a sustainable model for the arts in society, which strengthens culture, in a creative, connected community in WA.

Our Values

Creativity: unearth artistry

Connection: shape identity

Diversity: invite inclusion 

Wellbeing: fulfill needs