Artsource provides high quality artwork by Western Australian artists for clients to lease in order to enrich their working environments. With our network of over 700 artists we can help build your corporate collection with art of the highest calibre. From a selection of paintings, photography, prints, contemporary craft, sculpture and Indigenous art, our team of expert consultants will help select the right pieces to suit your space, your budget and your style.  We source artwork by emerging, established and Aboriginal artists, and encourage members to participate in artLease. Below is a selection of Artsource members with artworks currently available (hover over any image for more details. Leasing POA).

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ArtLease is available to current PLUS or MAX Artsource members. Artists benefit by receiving income while the work is still for sale and gain exposure by having their work represented in collections of prominent organisations. For more information please click here, or email

Kim Maple, Hot Pink, 2013, 200 x 142cm, oil on canvas David Giles, Mystic Waters, 2016, 85 x 85cm, acrylic on canvas Sally Stoneman, After The Fire 2, 2013, oil on recycled cedar panels
Ian De Souza, Circus Silks, 2016, 122 x 182cm, acrylic on canvas Miik Green, Xylem series - Terfesia25, 2015, 185 x 185cm, mixed media on aluminium Francesca Gnagnarella, The Land Before Time, 2016, 120 x 220cm, acrylic on canvas
Lyn Franke, Shoreline Rhythm, 2016, 61 x 153cm, acrylic mixed on canvas Louise Macfie, Reflection 1, 2015, 46 x 46cm, acrylic on canvas, pert of a tryptic Dragica Milunovic, Marks Series 4, No 19&20, 2014, 150 x 300, oil on canvas
Eve Arnold, Enfolded, 2016, 80 x 86cm, etched and distressed aluminium and 24 ct gold leaf Joie Villeneuve, A Drop In The Ocean, 2016, 92 x 188cm, acrylic on wood Lesley Meaney, Trancendence, 2016, 109 x 109cm, acrylic on canvas
Margie Oldfield, Grevillea, 2015, 100 x 100cm, weatherproof aluminium print Vania Lawson, Swell, 2016, 122 x 122cm, acrylic on canvas Guundie Kuchling, My Mindful self, 2016, 91 x 91cm, oil on canvas
Carmel Sayer, Decompartmentalized, 2016 Graeme Pages Oliver, The Dreamer, 2015. 420x594cm, digital print David Giles, Elefhteria, 2016, 85x85cm, acrylic on canvas
Alba Cinquini, Meditation III, 2013, 950x1300cm, xanthorrhoea resin, puffball stain mixed media on canvas Vania Lawson, Chasing Light, 2016, 122x122cm, acrylic on canvas Alex Spremberg, Infinity Loop No4, 2016, 150x150x3cm, enamel on wood
Anne Hsiao Wang, Iris Germanica, 2012, 152x137cm, oil on linen Lesley Meaney, Scalescape #2, 2016, 200x76cm, acrylic on canvas Eve Arnold, Crossroads III, 2016, 860x860cm, mixed media
Eric Hynynen, Big Pigeon, 2015, 160x160cm, oil on canvas Francesca Gnagnarella, Escape Into Sunlight, 2016. 950x650cm, acrylic 23 karat gold leaf on canvas Christopher Young, Seven, 2016, 800x640cm, photography
Ian De Souza, Water Flight, 2015, 180x152cm, oil on canvas Lyn Franke, Reef Series I, 2016, 76x102cm, acrylic mixed on canvas Naomi Grant, Emerald Rocks 2, 2011, 90x90x5cm, paint, paper
Ruby Smedley, Chris, 2016 Laurie Cochrane, Ningaloo Blues, 2013 Amy Perejuan Capone, Cave of forms Reykjavik, 2015, 63x90cm, drawing media, paint, other
Jo-Darvall-2c-Heartland-2c-2012-2c-collaboration-with-Deborah-Bonar-2c-1000-x-1000-2c-Acrylic-on-Canvas-244-2c500.jpg Lindsay Harris, Three Tracks Plus One, 105x105, resin pigment and binder on hemp Kim Maple, Orb, 2009, 150x167cm, oil on canvas
Vania Lawson, In Flight Broome, 2016 122x122, acrylic on canvas waxed Jacinda Bayne, Jewel of the Kimberley, 2016 Margie Oldfield, Banksia Media, 2015, 100x100cm, weatherproof aluminium print
Sally Stoneman, Bloom, 2015, crocheted copper wire Graham Pages-Oliver, My Inner Tree - Week 40, 2015 digital print, 420x594cm Dragica Milunovic, Salt Lakes, 2014, 100x100cm, oil on canvas
Alex Spremberg, Not Always, 2001, 61x119x3cm, enamel and varnish on wood Miik Green, Xylem series - Avium13, 2014, 108x108cm, mixed media on aluminium Lyn Merrington, Weather Watch Sydney, 2009, 198x115cm, acrylic on canvas
Joie Villeneuve, A Breeze at dawn, 2016, 92x188, acrylic on wood Lesley Meaney, Eucalipty #1, 2016. 116x45, acrylic on canvas Louise Macfie
Pablo-Hughes-2c-Dysfunctional-2c-2012-2c-(4-4-edition)-2c-1189-x-841mm-2c-Photo-on-Fine-Art-Paper-2c-241-2c600.jpg Lyn Franke Ruth De Vos, This Moment, 2016, 87x88cm textile
Ian De Souza, Evergreen Kanga Paw, 2009, 140x140cm ink on ricepaper Francesca Gnagnarella, Nature of Daylight, 2016, 100x150cm, acrylic 23 karat gold leaf Alba Cinquini, Grass is Greener, 2015, 92x120cm, mixed media on canvas
Guundie Kuchling, Dance, 2016, 51x76cm, oil on canvas David Giles, Kardia, 2016, 85x85cm, acrylic on canvas Annie Hsiao Wang, Untitled I, 213x167cm., oil on canvas,2008

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