18 May 2022

Chair Resignation and Appointment

In what has been thus far a busy and exciting year for Artsource, the Board have some updates they would like to share with the membership. 

A message from outgoing Board Chair, Penny Coss:

Dear Members,

I write to inform you that in March 2022 I resigned as Chair of Artsource with Vice Chair Arif Satar taking up the position of Chair. I currently need to take a step back from this and direct my focus on other pursuits. As you may be aware, I accepted the nomination of Acting Chair in early July 2021 after the resignation of the previous Chair, Margaret Teusner, from the Board.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support I have received over these last 8 months; it has been greatly appreciated. I currently remain on the Board as Director.

Best wishes,

Penny Coss


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me or the Board. Our contact details can be found HERE.


Arif Satar
Chair, Artsource