Sam Bloor Photo D Wright.jpgWhat We Do

Our Distinguishing Features

  • We provide studio licenses for artists and plan a new focus on sustainable and social enterprise development through arts business incubator studios.  
  • We aim to provide greater community access to a shared facility that hosts artist-run workshops, offering engagement in creative experiences for artists and community. 
  • Combined with our custodianship of the Old Customs House and our program of exhibitions and arts events, we provide affordable or free, cultural enrichment that supports the careers of artists and the wellbeing of West Australians.
  • We provide professional development for artists and plan to expand our offerings by providing state-wide access to professional learning, through innovative digital technologies and strategic partnerships, including industry placements for the education sector.
  • We welcome a wide variety of artists practices and plan to extend our reach to include diverse groups and cultural communities, in regional and remote locations, and importantly, our Indigenous artists. We aim to support the development of artist-run social enterprises, economic opportunities and raise the profile of our unique West Australian visual arts culture.
  • We encourage artistic expression and activities that focus on how arts shape and express Australian identity. We value First Nations arts as an important part of Australia’s culture, and that reflect our Australian culture.
  • We develop economic opportunities and employment for artists, and we propose to connect artists with local businesses to revitalise local communities. We aim to develop strategic partnerships with online arts marketing platforms, offer livestreaming and online services, to reach global audiences and markets. More >