Artsource helps artists secure affordable studios - an essential element of professional practice.

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Ashfield Studios

Artsource's newest studio building, home to visual artists living close to the Perth CBD area

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Fremantle Studios

Artsource's flagship studio building for more than 25 years, located in the heart of Fremantle.

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Midland Studios

Artsource converted this sprawling former 1900s boarding house into creative hub with 18 studio spaces.

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Haig Park Studios

Since 2001, Artsource has offered four studios in a Foundation Housing complex in East Perth.

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O'Connor Studios

These large studio workshops are suited to artists requiring semi-industrial use.


Rosemount Studios

Artsource revitalised eight storage rooms above the Rosemount Hotel into vibrant working studios.

Rosemount Studios
Chris Hopewell in his studio at Artsource Fremantle. Image: Eva Fernandez.

Studio Development

We are always on the lookout for vacant spaces to bring to life as artist studios.

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Open Studios

Occasionally our studios are open to the public, offering a great opportunity to meet artists.

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Artists’ Studio Report

A comprehensive and insightful report into the delivery of studio spaces for visual artists.