Ayad Alqaragholli



Ayad was an established and acclaimed artist in the Middle East before coming to Australia as an immigrant in 2005. He became a resident of Perth, where his sculptures regularly grace Cottesloe’s Sculpture by the Sea each March. Since arriving he has also studied at Curtin University graduated in 2011. His signature, elongated human forms, often in copper and silicon bronze, can be found all over Perth. The most recent being at Byford Secondary College where he had designed a suite of four artworks for their Stage Two buildings. Three were figurative sculptures, case in bronze and are emblematic of the artist’s interest with the human form as a symbol of humanity. Coming from Ur in Southern Iraq, a place with an ancient history of art and civilisation, he was influenced by the figures drawn on the walls of caves and the simple obelisks and carvings.

Artist Statement

Artist and sculptor, Ayad Alqaragholli, was born in Ur, Iraq, and exhibited extensively in the Middle East – particularly in Jordan and Baghdad – for over twenty years, and his work is held by museums, diplomatic enclaves, corporate and private collections.