Dana Andrews



With over 15 years experience in the fine jewellery industry, Dana Andrews is making a name for herself in the Australian market for her beautiful creations through her business Evador Jewellery. Dana is inspired by nature and it's raw perfection, geometric design, abstract art, architecture and minimalism. Her designs are modern with a balance of symmetry, weight and design flow. Dana has completed a Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. A Jewellery Trade Apprenticeship, Cert III in computer aided jewellery design [CAD] and Jewllery enamelling. Dana also loves to further her skills by taking short courses to further her skills. Dana's passion for jewellery design and creativity is her driving force which outshies through her business and jewellery. She strives to become a well known sought after jewellery name in the Australian jewellery market.

Artist Statement

My jewellery designs are a celebration of nature and its raw natural beauty. Little objects possessing a glympse of my imagination captured and transferred into objects to make the wearer/viewer feel emotion. Using a combination of colour, texture and design I want to inspire the wearer to feel emotions.