David Wroth



David Wroth has worked in the visual arts industry for 35 years and has been painting since the 1970s. He has worked as curator, in gallery management and in artist development programs. ‘My own work is about texture and the way time lays a patina on natural and man-made surfaces.’ David’s paintings are mainly mixed media acrylic on canvas, with loosely layered surfaces over underlying paint work. The artist is interested in the work of reductivist artists whose focus is honing down visual image to their core structures. Artworks are included in private collections in USA, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Singapore and Australia.

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Artist Statement

The paintings are about perceptions and how we absorb elements of the environment and surroundings. They are transforming the outer world into our inner feelings. The paintings relate to reductive intention in art, to break feelings and observations down to their component parts.