Gus Eagleton



In the studio Gus Eagleton paints with oils on canvas to create photo-realistic yet surreal interpretations of the reality and beauty of our urban landscape. On the street, he explores the individual in nature, juxtaposed against the concrete city. With a bright colour palette and fluid lines, he manipulates light ad shadow in an unrealistic and romantic way. He paints with considered velocity and magnetism, yet simultaneously the pieces embody slowness, a dream like feel. Gus explores the diversity and intrigue of the characters he encounters and a true romantic, indulges in the beauty and charisma of the people he paints. On the wall, garnished by abstract flora, they blend into their environment, but never lose there individuality. He is compelled and influenced by the environment around him.

Artist Statement

Australian based artist Gus possesses a diverse skill set spanning many creative areas and mediums. Exploring figuration through studio work and contemporary mural painting, Gus blends methods to produce a vast array of work - from small compositions to expansive murals. Gus is particularly interested in the diversity and intrigue of people.