Helena Sahm



Helena Sahm has lifetime experience in the arts. The daughter of artists she studied Visual Arts and Art Education at the now UNSW College of Fine Arts in Sydney. She has exhibited in Sydney, Regional NSW and throughout the South West of Western Australia. She has past board positions with IASKA, Art on the Move, City of Bunbury Art Collection and other community groups. She has extensive experience as an art educator in the tertiary and secondary sectors. Sahm has worked in local government in arts development and arts policy. Her full time arts practice was established in the 1980's and was abandoned in 1995 until it was reignited in 2014.Throughout that period Sahm produced artwork on a part-time basis developing a knowledge of materials and their properties.

Group Exhibitions

South West Art Now

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Survey of current visual arts practice in the Southwest of Western Australia

Artist Statement

I work with both new and recycled materials in both 2 and 3 dimensions constructing combinations. I work within the theme of “Living Here Not There” where a range of ideas can be explored about how humans live and survive on the planet. Over the past 6 years ideas sourced from the built environment have informed my media-centric and eclectic work.