James Kerr



JAMES KERR Born in England. Arrived in Australia/Fremantle WA with family 1968. Grew up in Carnarvon and Geraldton. Tertiary studies in Perth 1974-1979 at Curtin University: B.A. English/ History. Film/TV studies at Curtin/Murdoch Universities 1982/3. Worked at various jobs over the years - Nickel miner, CES officer, Picture framer, Labourer, Nursing assistant, Disability support worker etc. Worked as camera operator/lighting on various documentaries, short films, commercials, experimental films, etc. Support worker with various agencies assisting disabled clients with activities of daily living. Working as stills photographer shooting various Events, Weddings, Bands, Street. Published 4 books of B/W photography: "Mono Freo" 2001 "Moments" 2003 "Journey" 2011 "Mono Freo 2" 2018

Artist Statement

I see my photographic work as a way to acknowledge some truths about the world around us. The harsh and the beautiful, unity and isolation, light and dark. Fleeting moments that contain a reality already gone a second later. Minimal intervention, verite shots, taken spontaneously at the places i find myself, be it at a band gig or on the street.