Joanna Lefroy Capelle



My sketchbooks are filled with moments captured in charcoal, conte crayon, soft pastel, acrylic, water colour or Japanese Sumi ink. Often created while instructing my students either in my home studio or on location in Fremantle. Or while holidaying in overseas destinations such as Italy, Spain or France. My small works on paper are comprised of these studies, depicted from life, sketches in situ or photographs. Many of the people studies I make while traveling are from memory and translate, in my paintings, into intuitive composites of characters gleaned from those figurative observations. I like to eliminate superfluous detail in a painting to allow the focus to be the story. I call my paintings ‘peoplescapes’. For me drawing is the fundamental basis for painting. It’s about looking and really seeing, then taking a line for a walk.

Artist Statement

My paintings are generally figurative narratives which reflect on humanity in all its richness and variety, often highlighting the mundane and everyday. I love to take an ordinary moment and turn it sideways or upside down, focusing on the humour or sensitivity of a situation, creating the narrative through body language, composition and colour.